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How to get the Access Mask resized using (Left / Top) Using the VBA

Hello everyone, my name is Maurizio and I am a new member.
My problem is this:
Assuming you have an open Access form with Microsoft Office 2007

I would like to be able to obtain using the vba a sort of Video Centrality of this mask Let me explain better:

When I open the Access application it brings me to the foreground a Mask called (Mask_Password) and so far everything is ok.

The problem is that it occurs not in the center of the screen.

Therefore, as I remember, when I used vb6 it was enough for me to put the call of any object inside a module to center its position inside its form (Form)
 ; Using the code "Left = x Top = Y) of the desired object and the game was done.

But now I would like to make the same thing happen with the Mascera; But don't I have the slightest idea of ​​how to communicate to access all this by always using vba?
I thank all those who want to give me a hand on this.
Greetings from Maurizio
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