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Sync two document libraries in Sharepoint online

mewtd asked
High Priority
Last Modified: 2020-06-10
HI. I have two document libraries in two different sites, and I need to efficiently copy the entire contents of one document library over to the new sharepoint site.

I have tried copying in windows explorer, and it has failed multiple times for different reasons ( too long file path, source disk unreadable etc etc)

I tried to use sharepoint designer but it also gave a disconnected error, and now I have no idea what has copied over and what has dropped, and I need to do an efficient scan and sync of both locations.

I tried using Allway Sync, and this failed at the first hurdle by offering google drive, onedrive and many cloud location options, but not sharepoint online.

I tried using the WebDAV option, but if failed saying "could not access the network device"

Any advice welcome on how to efficiently copy all data from one sharepoint doc library to another at a different URL but on the same office 365 tenant.

Thanks in advance.
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HI David - I have downloaded it and am trying to test it.

I see if does offer sharepoint office 365 as an option, (only on the right) but you prefer to use the onedrive for business profile?

It failed to connect , but I will persist...


thank you!
Scott FellDeveloper
Most Valuable Expert 2013

When you log into office.com and click the admin app, then on the left bottom click the show all link and then see the Sharepoint option under the Admin Centers heading.

Once there on the left click Migration manager. Then add a task where you can set your source then target urls.

Once you have that copied over and you want to sync it locally, go to the online sharepoint where the documents are and there will be a sync icon at the top. Click that and it will look to make sure you are signed into OneDrive. The gotcha here is you have to make sure you are signing in or signed in to "Work/Education" and NOT "Personal".  Many people just click  one of these options without paying attention. If you are signed as personal, I found the sync silently fails. If the user wants to keep OneDrive personal, then open the OneDrive client and on the account tab, click add an account and you can sign in again with the same username and this time personal will be grayed out and you can only select Work/education.  Once you do that, try the sync again.

You will end up with two or three one drive folders for Personal, Business and SharePonit which will have a different icon in the file manager.
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