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Need to figure out how to save entire email messages from Outlook 2016 directly to a SHARED folder in OneDrive

Need to figure out how to save entire email messages from Outlook 2016 directly to a SHARED folder in OneDrive.  It seems like its possible to do atleast from the online version of Outlook - but when I try to do that, I don't even see a "Save" or "Save as" button choice in the online version of Outlook - there are only "Reply all", "Delete", "Junk", and "Block" buttons.  I have also tried to see if saving from the desktop version of Outlook to a shared folder in the OneDrive desktop app works - no dice on that either.  Is it impossible to save something from Outlook to OneDrive?

Thanks for your help.
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do you mean your OneDrive desktop application synchronized folder?  you see how there is no "OneDrive" location offered in Outlook, like there is in the other 3 Office apps, right?  or is it my imagination.  So I'm guessing you mean the desktop sync app.

Yes the desktop sync app

and save the .msg files in file explorer to your shared folder in One Drive
gotcha.  ok thanks for that.  i realized there is one more piece to this now - the whole reason for figuring this out is to enable our customer service department to save emailed orders into a OneDrive shared account, so that they can then be uploaded into our central business application that is used when we actually create the orders.  They are uploaded currently from a central shared drive on a server, and attached to the correlating order they create for processing.  The problem now is that they will need to access the saved emails in OneDrive FROM the central terminal/RDP Windows 2012 Server.  When I test this under my own profile in the central 2012 server, by loading OneDrive and signing in - I don't see the same SHARED folder that I do on my local Win 10 desktop.  On my Win 10 machine, I see TWO OneDrive folders - my own OneDrive folders and files, and then a 2nd one above it in Windows Explorer that just has the name of our company on it.  When I expand that, I see all flders that are shared with me.  So any idea why I am only seeing my own folders and files on the OneDrive app on the 2012 server?

Thanks Fox.
did you log in to the one drive app on the 2012 server with the credentials you used for the one drive where you saved the emails?
yeah - same credentials...and it does show me my same OneDrive files and folders of my OWN account - just nothing that has been shared with me from others.  The only difference is that this is Server 2012 instead of Windows 10