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error problem with 1582 Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'ISNULL'

hello everyone
i have 2 tables one (visits) and other one (patients) with relationship by mysql (patients) is with PK as and as index
and i wanted to use code in my app to get the last datetime record to check the patient if still inside the hospital admitted or discharge
so far i have this code with help of you guys
SELECT,MAX(ISNULL(b.sdat,'1901-01-01')),MAX(ISNULL(b.edat,'1901-01-01')) from patients a left join visits b on Where ddatediff(now(),b.edat) <=365 group by

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but when i execute in sql builder using php myadmin  or another app i get error
(1582 - Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'ISNULL')
i tried to find out the error cause but no luck until now
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thank you so much  bro worked :)  
i will just try next step to put in if condition in my i hope i can figure it out
thank you again