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Angular - setting dropdown list value first time around

I have a drop-down in a header component which loads at log-in the legal entities that the user can view.
I'm not particular about which value is displayed but I would like there to be a value chosen, at the moment if there are 3 values to display the dropdown has 4 (a blank value which displays first).

The dropdown is populated the following way:

 <a *ngIf="jwtAuthenticationService.isUserLoggedIn()">legal entity:
    <select [(ngModel)]="selectedEntity" (change)="onSelectEntity()">
          <option *ngFor="let entity of legalEntity$" [ngValue]="entity">{{entity.legalEntityDesc}}

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I'm guessing that I'd need to set

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somehow in onInit after the data has been retrieved for that user?  How to do that, I've no (sensible) idea.

Help please

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