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How to best Distribute an Access DB?

I've asked several question about MS Access previously.  But I have hit another brick wall.  

What I want to accomplish:
After creating a database, I want to be able to distribute the database and have it run on various machines without a licensed version of Access, or a licensed version of the AccessImagine plugin I use to display pictures.  The database also uses a default icon I created.

I want to be able to both distribute this and when run, detect the local operating system and install either the 32 bit access runtime or the 64 bit runtime.  I want it to also install the Accessimagine software, which can be run without a license in these types of instances.  The icon can be included in the distributable file (compressed distribution).

My Problem:
I can't find a way to do this easily.  When I use something like 7Zip to package everything (DB, Icon file, runtimes) the file is fairly large (592mb) because the runtimes are 340mb and 220mb apiece.  
1 - is there a way to make this smaller?
2 - is there a way to make it install the runtime if access doesn't exist on the target machine?
3 - is there a way to make it install the accessimagine runtime as well?
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