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Migrate VM ware to Hyper-V

I am working on migrating VM ware to Hyper-V.

VM ware version 5.5, and I don't want to go through their update cycles to bring it up to 7.0 nor do I want to keep paying their high support cost for such a small organization.

I have a new host and SAN (that the previous IT guy got)

I have setup the new host as Hyper-V-Server and it is up and running.

Now I am at the point of getting the SAN to function on the Hyper-V-Server ( i haven't done this before, so thoughts would be useful, all the drives are iSCSI and the host only accept sata, so I don't want to have scrap the SAN if I can help it)

Finally recommendations on porting over the VM's from VM ware to Hyper-V. I was thinking Virtual Machine Manager, but also trying to save money on that option as well.

A contractor wanted 23k to migrate 6vm's which I found excessive. So any help to point me in the right directions is great.
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