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Need way to download legally purchased video playlists from website that is closing

Hello. Once upon a time there was a craft site called Craftsy, which offered classes in various crafts for sale at a reasonable cost. Then it was bought by NBC, who promptly renamed it Bluprint and tried to change it to a subscription site. Individual classes purchased previously were called "forever" classes. The subscription model did not go over well with Bluprint members, and now NBC is closing Bluprint--WITHOUT giving its members any way to download their previously purchased classes. Some of us have spent many hundreds of dollars on our classes.

How can we download our classes? As we paid for them, this should not be illegal. The classes are broken down into episodes, listed on one webpage. We need a method that will download all the episodes for a particular class at once.

Any ideas? We are scratching our heads regarding saving our investment in classes!

Thanks, Elizabeth
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