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Windows 10 -- Cannot share files/folders on network

I have a new computer, a Surface Book 3--Windows 10 but the latest update has not yet reached me. In setting it up on the network, I can see my partner's shared drives (Surface Book 2) but he cannot see mine, although I did share them as far as I can tell. I don't even know where to start with telling you what is going on. I was on the phone all day yesterday with MS tech support and still can't share, The first tech did turn on all the services, but I think that's the only positive thing that came out of the call. So frustrating!

Can someone out there please help walk me through everything that needs to be checked out to make this work? Thanks.

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if you go into control panel/ network and sharing
(a) you should be on a private network and network and sharing turned on
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Thanks, but this did not solve problem.
from the other computer if they use a cmd prompt and try
net use * \\computername\sharename
replace the computername and sharename with the appropriate values
what are the results?  error 53?
1) asked for user name --entered it
2) asked for password -- not sure what that is, since we don't use passwords, but entered password for MS account. Not accepted.

on the computer hosting the share
create a local user account i.e..
net user shareuser password /add

on the connecting computer
for the userrname prompt
user name use  computername\shareuser
where computername  is the name of the computer hosting the share
and use the password you used in the net user command
This is a little cryptic for me.  For local user account: User (my computer) would be me? i.e., shareuser would be ...? We were trying to avoid passwords. I don't mind, but my SO (owner of connecting computer) is really averse.

On his computer (connecting computer), whose user name? mine, his?

I can currently see his computer without any passwords; he cannot see mine. I'm confused.

"We were trying to avoid passwords. "
That is rather problematic with Windows 10.  I've been successful in the past doing that by disabling the requirement, but Windows updates tend to turn it back on.  In 1909, I've been unable to share without passwords regardless of the settings.

David has an excellent suggestion.  Create a user on the computer with the shared folders and set a password for it.  When asked for the login on the other computer, use the username and password you just created.

Also, check in Services (run services.msc) and set Function Disovery Resource Publication to Automatic and start it.  That should make your computer and shares visible to others.
no don't use your Microsoft account. As I said create a local user account  .. this account will be local to your computer. The easiest way is via the net user command,  I find using settings/ accounts/other users, add someone to the pc complicated
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David Johnson, CD
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Thanks, guys. I will have to look at this on Wednesday. We are in transit tomorrow and I probably won't have time to address this tonight or tomorrow. I'll check back in as soon as I've had a chance to do something with it. I really appreciate your help.
Just checking in. Still haven't had time to address this.