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Need Help with Mac Bind to AD

I'm in the middle of a project joining several computers (both Mac and Windows) to a .local domain. The project is slow going but no major issues until now. When trying to bind a specific Mac I get one of four errors:
1. Authentication server could not be contacted
2. Authentication server encountered an error while attempting the requested operation (5202)
3. The daemon encountered an error processing request (10002)
4. Unable to store password

Error number 4 is as far as I have gotten in the process - it will create a computer entry on the server if one doesn't exist (and will prompt me if one already exists) but something on the Mac won't finish the process.

I have turned off IPv6, I have set DNS to only point to the server, I have set the server to be the only search domain, I have created a new "Location" for the network settings and repeated all of those changes, I have tried from the IT admin account and from the user's admin account, I have verified that the time on Mac and server are as close together as possible (within 10 seconds). I have used the "easy" join option through System Preferences>Users>Login Options>Join and I have gone through Directory Utility.

I have successfully joined Macs to this domain before this machine and after this machine so I know that it's just this specific one being a pain.

Due to policy, I'm not able to download any third-party apps that would help with a domain join - especially since I haven't needed to use a software for any of the other Macs.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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