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VM's on vSwitch No Connectivity

My physical network is setup into a Local Zone(Green)(192.168.3.x) and DMZ(192.168.0.x). I am running VMware ESXi 6.0U2 on a new Dell 740xd server.

I have a 4 port Intel I350 GIG Network card on the host.  Port 1 is assigned to my "green" lan and works just fine. Moved a Centos 7 server and all is well.

I then migrated a Centos 7 VM from my other host that was already on the same DMZ zone. Confirmed that it's MAC Address was good, and that it's IP was the same.  When I boot it up on this new Host though I get no connectivity such as being able to SSH too it like I would normally.

Is there a VMware setting that I am missing?
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check that the Network Interface is CONNECTED and CONNECTED at Power On.

Also check the correct Network is selected.

Both are VM serttings/.
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I did check the VM and made sure that yes both the CONNECTED and CONNECTED at Power On are check marked.

On the VLAN Switch I verified that the Physical Port is connected to the right VLAN, and appears to be configured correctly. 
checked the Network it's connected to, i the network settings...

otherwise screenshots required