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microsoft snap

Microsoft "snap" using a mouse in W10 does not work.
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I meant to also add that using the cursor key and windows key does work but is inconvenient.  We are on the latest version of W10. 
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Hello There

Do you see an outline to show where the window will snap to?
No, I do not see the outline.   I tried this on two different systems.  BTW....I had already read this info from MS.  
Open Settings -> System -> Multitasking, and make sure that this feature is enabled.

Besides, this feature does not work in tablet mode and it might not work if the scaling size is not set to 100%.
I am not in tablet mode on either system we've tried.  Both are set to 100% layout and yes, multitasking buttons are all checked. 
Which build are these computers running on?
version 1909 - build 18363.900
Microsoft "snap" using a mouse in W10 does not work.
Does "Win" + "arrow" work for you?
Yes....but less convenient.  The mouse concept should work.  I think MS hasn't solved this problem yet. 
It should. Can you disable items under Multitasking, reboot, and enable them back? Can you use a different mouse for a test?

disabled multitasking and associated snap functions.  Rebooted and re-enabled.  Did not work.  When doing this on another 2 different devices with different mice, they did not work either. 
I am running out of ideas. It really seems to be a bug.

Anyway, there are two more settings you can check.
1. Control Panel -> Ease of Access Center  -> Make the mouse easier to use -> Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen
2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop -> DockMoving (set the value to 1)

If the above doesn't help you, I would try upgrading to Win10 build 2004.

Hello There, I tried all of your suggestions including upgrading to 2004.  None worked.  Is it possible that I am just misunderstanding how to do this with the mouse?  I click and hold on the tab associated with the window I want to move to the right or left.  Move to the area I want and then release.  It just snaps back to full screen.   
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