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Adobe Illustrator Align Distribute Problem

rvfowler2 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2020-06-19
This just started happening.  When I try to distribute lines for parking spaces, they all are distributed on top of each other.  In the attached screen print, notice that the far left line looks thicker.  This is where they all get aligned.  I've double checked and they're aren't multiple lines in one spot.  I also opened up other Illustrator files and they same thing happens, whether it is distributing vertically or horizontally.  I've searched for solutions but found nothing.  Since it is across different files, I'm wondering if I hit some key combination that has created some setting.  Used Illustrator for 10 years and this has never happened.  (I have the latest version of iIIllustrator Distribute Problem screen printlustrator.)
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Emily PhelanUX/UI Designer

Hello! I'm unable to replicate this (I'm on version 24.2). Would you mind sharing this portion of your file?
UX/UI Designer
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It's not on one particular file, but happens on any file now, so that's why I think I might have hit some key combination that affected a setting in Illustrator.   _Master6.ai  However, attached is our master file.  Try messing with the parking lines and then realigning them.  As you see in the screen print on the previous post, when I highlight all parking lines, the one furthest to the left almost looks like it has a double highlight (even though there is only one line) and the lines all get put on top of that line.  Never seen this before in 10 years of using Illustrator and it just started happening yesterday.


That's it!  When I changed it to Align to Selection, the alignment works as usual.  Thanks.  Strange, but I never go into that drop down or even seen it before.  Wondering if there's some strange keystroke combo that selects it?
Emily PhelanUX/UI Designer

Awesome! Glad I could help. :)

I'm unsure about a keyboard short cut, but if you select all of the lines to align and then click any one of the already selected lines, it will trigger Key Object based upon your selection.


Oh, that was probably it.  Thanks.
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