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MS Teams issue on Citrix 7.15 PVS server

Murty M
Murty M asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2020-06-25
Citrix 7.15 CU2
Windows 2012 R2 VDA
MS Teams 1.2 installed on Master Image.
Upgraded MS Teams 1.3
Problem Statement:
Most of the users are getting MS Teams 1.3. But they are receiving above error. When user clicks on Sign in, they are receiving “White screen” and can’t able to enter anything.
At this point, Citrix Admins clicks on User profile icon on MS Teams and clicks on Sign-out.
Another issue, even on master image MS Teams 1.3 updated, a coupleErrorError of users are using 1.2 version.
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James RankinMedia Hound

Are you using the Machine Installer?


After we deleted this MS Teams Folder in User Roaming Profile, Above SignIN error was resolved.
We have around 3000+ users and 90% having the same issue.
Now we have to delete above MS Teams folder in every user Roaming Profile.
Please provide PS Script to do this task.
To Answer your Question: Yes We are using Machine Installer.
Installed Teams msi file:
msiexec /i “Teams_windows_x64.msi” /l*v Install.Log ALLUSER=1

James RankinMedia Hound

You're using a "roaming" profile? It won't work with Teams then. Roaming profiles don't capture LOCALAPPDATA and Teams stores a lot of the cache in there.

Use FSLogix or Citrix UPM ideally. You could even change your roaming profile to capture the LOCALAPPDATA folder ( https://4sysops.com/archives/roaming-profiles-and-start-tiles-tiledatalayer-in-the-windows-10-1703-creators-update/ ) but this is a bit hacky and I'd much recommend FSLogix or UPM instead.
James RankinMedia Hound

If you wanted to delete that folder you could run remove-item $FolderName -Force at logoff, but I am pretty sure your problems will come back if you use a roaming profile and essentially miss out most of the Teams data.


I have searched my GPO's , We already enabled UPM through ADMX template in AD GPO's. Hence, we can see MS Teams in User profiles. However, users are getting SignIn error.
Any Specific policies do we need for this issue solution?

Media Hound
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