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Faster Quieries

We have a LAMP Cloud App in PHP 7 using MySQL. We use nested queries and it takes a long time to get to the desired records.

Among the options we are looking at to speed up the queries are:

Change to another Database (Please advise which)
Optimize the code

I'll appreciate letting me know what to do to speed up the queries.


Luis R
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Most performance issues are due to bad design and bad SQL.  Moving "bad" things to a different database won't help increase performance.

Now to the tuning of what you have:  There isn't a silver bullet to tuning systems.  People make their entire careers out of nothing but tuning.

I would first look at the execution plan to make sure it is accessing tables and indexes the way you think it should:

You mention nested queries.  Try to make sure you aren't accessing the same large tables over and over.  Try to get everything you need from them once.
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Chris Stanyon
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If you often do queries over and over (with mostly the same resulting content), storing the intermediate results in  a memcache may help there as well.

If you have differing requirements for parts of the code, nginx with several instances of php-fpm can help there as well,
if you can select on url that is, creating several backend php-fpm instances, is easy to access from nginx.