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HP printers firmware update stopped mid way through

Have a user with a HP officejet printer, we were having issues with the printer and could print but it would not let the user copy. For some reason there were no options in the interface panel of the printer itself to make the copy. we chose copy.... chose documents.... and was not given another option.... like black/white color, it just would not permit us to go to the next step. Since this was a brand new printer,  It just sat on the copy selection and nothing would print out when trying to copy. It printed fine but just would not copy, I therefore went back to the home setting on the printer.   I thought this was odd. maybe the printer need to be reprogrammed so I decided to update the firmware on the printer, but that was a mistake.  I did download the firmware update and started to install it. The printer was connected via usb, I checked the printer was found so started the firmware update, over 5-10 minutes later the printer still states verifying ...  I believe the firmware update had froze as nothing was happening, the status on the printer still was on the verifying screen and no status was shown that it was doing anything.  On the computer the firmware software the printer is no longer shown.  It is as if the connection to the printer was lost.   I tried to restart the application and replug in the usb cable for the printer. The icon in the computer system tray says firmware updating, as the connection to the printer. But more than half a hour nothing is happening as the software no longer sees the printer. Did I brick the printer?
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It's likely that the firmware update failed.  The longest I've seen an HP printer take for a firmware upgrade is 10 minutes.

I'm always afraid to upgrade firmware on HP printers even when a customer demands it, because the probability of failure (in my experience) is about 25%.  That means rolling the dice at 3 to 1 odds which would be great in a casino but expensive if the 1 in 4 comes up on the printer.

Some HP printers have a firmware recovery procedure specifically for this situation, which indicates to me that it happens a fair amount of the time.

Did you back up the old firmware before trying to install the new stuff?

Since this is a new printer I'd take it back to the seller, tell them it gave up, ask for a replacement and NEVER NEVER NEVER upgrade the firmware.  You may or may not find this ethical; my view is that if HP makes printers which are that easy to brick, they should expect to eat some of them after the sale.  Of if your credit card offers a warranty on purchased goods (some do), investigate that avenue.
You may well have a dead printer. However, as you say it is brand new, get HP to replace it under warranty.

One thing to remember for future reference is that firmware upgrades do not fix printing problems. Only upgrade printer firmware if you *know* it will fix a problem you have, or if it offers a feature you want (this is extremely rare).

If you can get the printer to work again, try resetting it to factory defaults. Search your printer model and "factory default reset" for instructions.
Side note:  HP's printer firmware upgrades are frequently things some might find undesirable.

-- Tightening cartridge age limits
-- Enforcing that only HP cartridges can be used
-- Declaring cartridges empty before they truly are
-- Declaring brand new, unused cartridges out-of-date after a year
-- Disabling the printer if the host is unable to communicate with HP servers
-- Reporting pages printed (and who knows what else) to HP servers

Of course, this is not detailed in the update description.

"HP released a wireless firmware update that may interrupt your use of compatible HP 902XL ink cartridges. Updating to this latest firmware version may prompt a cartridge problem message on your printer’s display, preventing you from using compatible cartridges."
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I was not having a printing problem but a copying problem, it printed fine, it just would not go to the next screen to copy. I press the copy button, then I select document, then it stays on that option and nothing happens... I was supposed to be able to choose black and white or color, but the printer does not go to that option, that is why I thought it was a programing clitch on the software programmed into the printer.... I then thought of updating the firmware.  I have never heard of backing up firmware on a printer, before starting the firmware update, I was not given any option to back it up either when I ran the firmware upgrade app. How do you back up original firmware on a device plugged in via usb when not given an option to back it up?  

When I gave up waiting for the firmware to update on the printer it says verifying update.  I finally turned off the printer and unplugged the power cable for 30 seconds while holding the power button, then replugged in the power and and turn on the power it still back to the same screen verifying firmware.

So I will have to exchange the printer at Best Buy as a replacement exchange warranty was purchased with the printer. 
it indicates that the printer was already having problems
thes may -  or not - have been resolved with a firmware upgrade -  but i would try a reset first; i must say i never had to upgrade a printer's firmware
I tried to reset by unplugging the usb and power cables for a 45 seconds and holding the power button for ten seconds. Then plugging in the power and usb cables and turning on the printer right away after the HP logo it says it is verifying....  and the firmware software is not even running. When I restart the firmware application the software cant find the printer
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