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SQL 2008 - Group Customer Name with Multi-Value in single column

I have a MS SQL view that shows customer names and state - with multiple lines of data of a value named LOT. I wish to combine all the LOT into a single column for each Customer.

Example: (this is sample of my existing SQL View.

CustomerA       CA         Lot123
CustomerA       CA         Lot456
CustomerA       CA         Lot789
CusomterZ        AZ         Lot543
CustomerZ        AZ         Lot919
CustomerV        VA        Lot777

This is what I was trying to get in my view:
CustomerA       CA         Lot123, Lot456, Lot789
CusomterZ        AZ         Lot543, Lot 919
CustomerV        VA        Lot777

This is my statement (that gives all values)

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I beleive "FOR XML PATH" was around in 2008.

Try that trick?
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The temp table was just to show it works as a test case.

If you have a complex query that produces the results you posted, then use a Common Table Expression (CTE):

With your_original_query as (
...your query...
SELECT   O.CustomerName ,
         O.StateCode ,
         STUFF((   SELECT   ', ' + I.LotCode
                   FROM     your_original_query I
                   WHERE    I.CustomerName = O.CustomerName
                            AND I.StateCode = O.StateCode
                   ORDER BY I.LotCode
                   FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE ).value('.', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') ,
               1 ,
               2 ,
               '') AS LotText
FROM     your_original_query O
GROUP BY O.CustomerName ,

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