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Access Rename workbook when exporting to Excel

Hi. I am using the following Access VBA code to export data to Excel. What additional code would I use to rename the Excel workbook that is produced?

Public Function ExcelExportAndFormat(ByVal CRecordset As DAO.Recordset, ByVal CSheetName As String) As Object

  On Local Error Resume Next

  Dim Excel As Object ' Excel.Application
  Dim Workbook As Object ' Excel.Workbook
  Dim Worksheet As Object ' Excel.Worksheet
  Dim Count As Long
  Set ExcelExportAndFormat = Nothing
  Set Excel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
  Set Workbook = Excel.Workbooks.Add
  Set Worksheet = Workbook.Sheets(1)
  Worksheet.Name = CSheetName
  For Count = 0 To CRecordset.Fields.Count - 1
    Worksheet.Range("A1").Offset(, Count).Value = CStr(CRecordset.Fields(Count).Name)
  Next Count
  '//NOTE: The following line is highly important to stop green error messages
  Excel.Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.NumberAsText = False '// stop number store as text error
  Worksheet.Range("A2").CopyFromRecordset CRecordset
  Worksheet.Rows(1).Font.Bold = True
  Excel.ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False
  Excel.Rows("1:1").RowHeight = 21.6
  Set ExcelExportAndFormat = Worksheet
  Excel.Visible = True
  Set Worksheet = Nothing
  Set Workbook = Nothing
  Set Excel = Nothing

End Function
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What additional code would I use to rename the Excel workbook that is produced?

try refer to line:

Worksheet.Name = CSheetName 

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Where CSheetName is the String variable that you need to passing in

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Thanks but I want to rename the workbook from Book1 to something else
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As Stefan has already suggested, its just a matter of saving the workbook.
I just wanted to add that I think its going to cause headaches if you use the excel class names as your object names (Excel, Workbook, Worksheet). I know you are using latebinding but still.


It is a general export function. I don't can come up wit some better names here (assumption: not using abbreviations, cause they are also not very developer friendly, no Hungary notiation).

What are better names, adding some value to them? CurrentApplication, CurrentWorkbook, CurrentWorksheet seems redundant to me.
I have just had cases where code that was originally latebinding is copied into a projekt that uses early binding (e.g. if you want to/need to use WithEvents for something). So my preference for names are usually:
worksheet: ws
workbook: wb
Application: appExcel