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Metro Ethernet Wan link bandwidth required

Last Modified: 2020-07-29
There will be a site with around 50pc users. How to estimate the Metro Ethernet Wan link bandwidth required for connecting main site and the new site
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

RDP is a lightweight protocol... until it's not.  If you start allowing printing or file transfers from it, it could slow down tremendously.  If you're JUST using RDP for remote access without local printing or high end graphics, then 100K per RDP session should be fine... that translates to 5 Mbit.  But as soon as you allow printing, the amount of bandwidth required can balloon.  If you don't have sufficient bandwidth with print jobs or file transfers, you could find when a user does that EVERYONE suddenly slows down/session gets choppy.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

You haven't told us what applications will be used, whether the servers are local or remote, how many users will be on simultaneously, or what response time is desired.  Without that information we'd be guessing at best.

Please give us more information, as much as you can, and as specific as possible.


Remote site around 30 users,
Scenario 1: Not local servers, remote access applications at headquarter include file server, AD, print server, mail server, security patches & software deployment, internet browser through headquarter.
Scenario 2: local access applications at headquarter include file server, AD, print server, mail server, security patches & software deployment, servers database synchronization between headquarter and remote site, internet browser through headquarter.
Joris VSNetwork Engineer

I agree with Lee, normal office work is about 100k per user.

If everything is done over RDP and you need to print locally best bet is to have the print server with the terminal servers.
This way you can prioritize the RDP sessions over the prints using a packetshaper or other.
Same for patches and software deployment.

Setup some type of shaping and you can probably get away with 10Mbit to have users on RDP and still have comfortable print speeds etc.  You could go as low as 5Mbit, but that would slow down printing and patches as you would only have 2Mbit headroom.  (If you have users streaming Video 2Mbit headroom will not be enough, maye the 7Mbit will be low then)
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