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Renamed named plugin does not appear in Pluginregistration tool

Dynamics 365 CE
Visual Studio 2015
Pluginregistration tool

I am writing plugins and have them all under a common solution called MyCrm and the plugins under an assembly called MyPlugins.  I have been registering plugins without any problem by loading the the MyPlugins assembly in the Pluginregistation tool, registering a new step and the plugin I am working on appears under the Event Hander drop down.

I am re-writing a plugin and reversed the name (e.g. TaskCreate to CreateTask) so I can add it as a new step using the Pluginregistation tool and keep it separate in Visual Studio.  My problem is after I build the MyPlugins assembly and open the Pluginregistation tool, the new plugin name does not appear as new step.

I have tried several things, including building several times at the solution level and assembly level,  shutting down the Pluginregistation tool and starting again, unregistering the MyPlugins assembly and registering as a New assembly, using Update to load the MyPlugins assembly but I cant get the renamed plugin to appear in the Pluginregistation tool as a new step.

Can someone give me ideas on why the newly named plugin does not appear?

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Yes, I am testing a new assembly called NewPlugins and adding the new plugin under that.   Not really the solution I want, I want to keep all my plugins under the same assembly(MyPlugins)
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When trying to register NewPlugins, I noticed that no plugins appeared under the assembly (which is usually a lack of a public property), but, in this case,  I  forgot to add the IPlugin interface and then it appears in the Pluginregistration tool.  But I also forgot to sign it so it doesnt let me register the plugin.

Need to be more careful.