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Need a PS script to get list of users with mailbox permission

Here is the script I'm using to get all mailboxes where 'HelpDeskUser' has full permission to. The text file contain SamaccountName of the mailboxes I'm interested.

$emails = GC D:\Data\users.txt
$emails | ForEach-Object {
      Get-Mailbox -Identity $_ | Get-MailboxPermission  |? {$_.user -like "HelpDeskUser*" }} |select name, primarysmtpAddress,alias |out-file D:\Data\mailboxPermission.txt

However, I'm not getting any output. What I am I doing wrong?
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Whats the information inside "users.txt" ?
is this in Exchange 2013/16/19? or exchange online?
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As mentioned, it contains the samaccountName of the mailboxes in question. This is an Exchange 2016 On Premier org

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