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Can't install Windows on new HP DL380 Gen10 ProLiant server

We have a new HP DL380 Gen10 server running 4 SAS 2.5 drives off of a 480i RAID controller. I have it set to run RAID 10. I am trying to setup Win server 2019 using Intelligent Provisioning but am having no joy.
I updated the firmware, BIOS, and loaded the newest IP image from HPs site. I have no problem getting RAID to setup on the drives. In fact, I have deleted the array and reconfigured it just in case.
I have set the BIOS back to default.
I have completely reset the IP (intelligent provisioning) config to factory to erase any old config that may be in there.
My main issue is that I can't seem to boot to a thumb drive or an ISO in UEFI mode. I can load Windows when the BIOS is in legacy mode. It acts like it doesn't see the thumb drive but it allows me to choose the file I want to use as I am setting up the "job".
I have tried different drives and different images; fat32 and NTFS.
I am at a loss. Any ideas?
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