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Create a bat file or or something to install multiple software on local Win 10

Hi Expert,

I would like to create create a bat file or or script to install multiple software from my thumb drive, as to install on local(not join domain) windows 10 pc. Do some research and get not sure which is right. Appreciate if any expert can advise me on.

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I think the first thing you would need to do is confirm each software on your thumbdrive has the ability to be installed via command line. Some apps are installed using an exe file whereas others are installed using an msi.  If you're looking to do a silent installation, the app's installer must support that. Otherwise the installer will start but then you'd still have to click the Next, Next, Next, OK, Finish buttons to do the install in which case, what's the point of the script?

Once you've confirmed that each software app can be installed via command line using a 'silent' flag, then you can just string them all together into a PowerShell script. But don't kill yourself trying to get it all working at once in PS.

Another option is to use a deployment tool such as Microsoft or PDQ Deploy.
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Hello There

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Thank you for reverting back.

My software are those basic in google chrome, adobe, MS office, vlc etc
As HelloThere mentioned you can use Ninite free edition to install Chrome and VLC. When you say 'Adobe' do you mean Adobe Reader? I don't think the free version of Ninite can install Adobe Reader but it does support Foxit Reader (a good, free alternative to Adobe Reader). Or if you wanted to install Adobe Reader via a script, it looks easy enough: 

As for Office - as with the other apps you'll want the full installer to reside on your thumb drive. Use the free Office Deployment Toolkit configuration builder to create your install script > 

look at the options, ususlly see if it has an option /a that you can run through and create an answer file
the other deals with as others pointed out
use the /quiet /silent and passing paramameters, including accepting eula and possibly the key,.
WIth a Key your issue is how will you provide a key that is on a stand alone system?

adobe reader, if you get rights to distribute..... you can use options /quiet /silent....

While software might be distributed by the vendor freely, does not mean you can distribute it if you are a system builder and selling them.
chocolatey does that - but iy has a learning curb : 
Well it has being years since i was doing that kind of stuff...the magic word is "silent install"...just google the name of the application and add the magic word "silent install"
For Adobe Reader
adobe reader silent install
should land you to
For Adobe, you need to apply for a license to distribute (it's free)
and get the enterprise edition.
then use the following options to accept the EULA and install for all users:
AcroRdrDC1801120058_%langCode%.exe /sAll /rs /l /msi ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES

Almost everything out there has a silent install.  If you can get the .MSI file, they're all going to use
   msiexec /i /qn msi_installer_name.msi

If  they've used installshield, then you just need to add /S
   install_shield_installer.exe /s

The majority of the software out there will be MSI or installshield.
Adobe and a few other obnoxiously licensed products have separate installer options that have to be individually looked up.

I would keep this question open for a little while. The author is active on EE and usually responds to his questions and closes them. I would give him additional time.