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When can I call for support with Microsoft?

OK, so a stupid question but allow me to vent. Thanks. Microsoft has to be the most difficult company to access support from than any company I have dealt with. When I really have an issue, I am not worried about the cost or the time, etc. I am just petrified that I will not get anyone on the phone.

I don't have a business contract. Maybe I should get one, but there is no one to talk to about it. The cost per incident is $499. OK. It is enough for peace of mind. I have an issue, they know how to fix it. It used to be the cost during off hours was simply higher.

Anyway, since I am stuck waiting until Monday, and they are PDT, I am trying to coordinate when I can call them. Again, dumb question, but does anyone know the best time or earliest time and the best method to call them?

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Hi David,

Always good to see you. I haven't had any luck getting hold of anyone in support. I suppose it depends on the price differential of weekends vs weekdays and whether or not I can get a specific time in the morning.
what product are your trying to get support for? 

I feel part of it is Microsoft's fault, lol. But, I am sure it is user error. A few people are trying to help. There is one artidcle that talks about the exact issue and how to fix it.
But, this has occurred on the last two users. And, I think there is a greater underlying problem that should be fixed. I really need employees to have profiles and accounts that are solid especially since so many things rely on that.