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in Excel how do I grab any text after the right most (last) backslash in a filepath?

   I need an excel formula guru to help with this, I have 180k lines of data in a column and I want to grab just the filename which is always at the end of the path but the amount of slashes varies depending on the folder structure.
prj_101461\cs\fld\99 RECYCLE BIN\10k mix_Iss1.pdf
prj_101461\cs\fld\08 REPORTS\Insurance Log\HP\ Insurance Log\03-646211263815639_Iss3.XLSM
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Are you talking about getting the last "_"?  Not sure what you meant by dashes.  
Oh, sorry you said slashes and not dashes.  Does the name always follow an "_" underscore?
If so, any easy way is to take into PowerQuery and parse on last "-" on right.
For that matter you could use text to columns with "_" as the delimiter.
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sorry, I want to grab only the text after the last "\" , there could be 5 or 15 "\" in the string but I want to grab the information after the righmost one which is the end of the line and put it in the Excel cell right next to it.

which in this example will be just the 10k mix_Iss1.pdf

EXAMPLE : prj_101461\cs\fld\99 RECYCLE BIN\10k mix_Iss1.pdf

and in this example which has more "\"  the part I want is just the 03-646211263815639_Iss3.XLSM

EXAMPLE: prj_101461\cs\fld\08 REPORTS\Insurance Log\HP\ Insurance Log\03-646211263815639_Iss3.XLSM                        
Okay, again you can use Power Query to parse on the last "\" in the string. 
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Example of how Power Query works..

Or with VBA. This assumes data is in column 'A' and results are needed in column 'B'.

Sub AfterLastBackslash()
Dim lngLastRow As Long
Dim lngRow As Long
Dim strParts() As String

lngLastRow = Range("A1048576").End(xlUp).Row

For lngRow = 1 To lngLastRow
    strParts = Split(Cells(lngRow, "A"), "\")
    Cells(lngRow, "B") = strParts(UBound(strParts))
End Sub

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