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My secondary monitor just went black for no reason. Why?

I have a Dell Latitude 5400. I'm running a secondary monitor using a HDMI cable that connects to the back of a monitor via an RGB connection.

Works fine.

Until this morning. It just went black and the monitor says, "No connection detected."

I shut my laptop down and rebooted. No change.

I disconnected the cables and reconnected them. No change.

I'm using this cable: 

...and my monitor is an ASUS monitor and I get you some more specifics if you need them.

The bottom line is that it worked and then, suddenly, it did not.

I will add that this is a work computer and I don't have administrative rights. Not sure if that makes a difference, but there's that.

One more thing: Here's a screen shot of my "Display" settings:

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Hello There

Try to manually select HDMI input on the monitor. If this won't help, ask your IT guy to assist you. Try a different cable first.
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ste5an! Your suggestion worked!

Why did it work? What was going on that I had to include that step in order to retrieve what had been working before without that step?

I don't know the exact reasons, but as far as I know do not all cables transmit all necessary signals and/or the monitor is off when plugged in, so that Windows (or the driver) do not detect that a monitor is attached.