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internet registry email form

I received this in my email this morning:  


The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is a non-profit Internet number registry for the U.S., Canada, and parts of the Caribbean.

You are receiving this message for one of these reasons:

* Your Internet service provider has registered you as a Point of Contact (POC) for your organization's IP addresses shown in ARIN's Whois, which is the public registry of IP addresses issued in this region.


* You have obtained IP addresses and/or Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) directly from ARIN.

We ask each POC to verify their information as part of ARIN's annual validation process. Validating your POCs helps us to maintain an accurate registry. Your POC information is shown below.


Is this something I need to confirm? It is asking for name and address and name of business.  Stuff like that.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

First: dO you/does your organisation  have an AS number and/or an IP address range?
If not it can probably be ignored.

Is the sender familiar? (I mean in the View Header mode of you mailer where you see ALL data?).
AKA Verify it isn't spam (manual way).

Then some registrars did formulate a policy (and that was accepted when obtaining the ASN/ IP-Address Range) to have Identifyable data in the WHOIS database.
Some registrars will do this for you for a fee (Put their own name in and relieve you of any burden to fill out the data, and respond to enquiries about the subject).

The WHOIS DB serves to find the owner of (ASN, DomainName, IP Address Range) in case of abuse reports and the owner needs to be identified.

We do not have an ip address range with them


You may have an address range if you have an ISP that provided you with multiple addresses.  If you have some BGP based failover service you do have an ASN.
ARIN is the Central Authority where ISP's can obtain address ranges, ISP's can hand those out, some "Sell" the address out and other have ranges for Rent.
When address ranges are "Sold" that should be visible with ARIN's WHOIS DB.  ARIN on of the 5 RIR's in the world, ARIN is for North America, RIPE is for Europe, AFNIC for Africa, APNIC handles Asia & PACIFIC LACNIC is for southern America. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regional_Internet_registry

ARIN manages the Database and the handout of addresses.

You can check using WHOIS on f.e. your current address (range) who is the owner. 
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hmm, you can check the whois database in order to determine whether you are actually the contact for your range.

there is a huge work at play since about 10 years ago that attempts to properly identify lan owners, mostly because many ASes used to be hijacked, usually but not only in order to send spam.

many isps used to issue ranges using their own contact information. others neglected to keep the db updated.

i would probably first check the headers for obvious forgeries, and likely contact them, but avoid a regular reply and rather send a new email to their official contact address with a complete copy of the possible forgery and let them work from there.