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How to prepare a docuemnt in MS word with many snapshots and images not running over pages on edit

I am preparing a Quick reference Manual with many snapshots.  The problem I have is - If I add something in an early page then all the content shifts down in all the next pages and I need to align the content again .Is there a way to keep the alignment correct ( Ideally I have one table in a page with 3 rows and all 3 rows need to be in the same page
In general, what is the best approach in preparing a manual with many snapshots and some text ?
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Frequent use of the Page Break field will help keep this issue to a minimum.  If there are images and tables these require designing those sections per-page instead of thinking of the document as a whole.  When it looks like something will split undesirably, use "Keep lines together", "Keep with next paragraph" and "Widow and orphan control."

[page break to next page]
Section 1
Use of the W84 Large Firecracker
(section 1 follows)
(big table here - use Page Break Before)
(section continues)
next paragraph also gets Page Break Before
[page break to next page]
Section 2
Pop Rocks for Cement Demolition
(section 2 follows)

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Side note:  Design the page to fit on both 8.5x11 and A4 paper.  Leave at least 1/4" free at the bottom.
If you have a manual like this, you may want to consider Publisher.
If you like to use Word, create and edit your document in Draft view (View>Draft)
Once the entire document is created, then go back and modify page breaks and image placement
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