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DNS issue with DHCP releaes IP Address

Hi All
Today I have found there are some users PC’s DNS not matching with DHCP IP’s so i cants reach the computer by computer name.
How can I manage if DHCP releases a new IP address to the computer and the same time update DNS?

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What are you using as DHCP and DNS servers?

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DNS and DHCP server is server 2019. both are separate windows VM
It requires an additional step given that you have the servers on different VMs.

Thank you I will make changes and update you
A few points to note.

1. Have you configured Server Options?
DHCP -> IPv4 -> Server Options -> Configure Options -> Add:
006 DNS Servers = DNS server IP adresses, use all if possible
015 DNS Domain name = FQDN

2. Have you configured Scope Options?
DHCP -> IPv4 -> YourScope -> Scope Options -> Configure Options -> Add:
003 Router = default gateway IP address
006 DNS Servers = DNS server IP adresses, use all if possible
015 DNS Domain name = FQDN

3. DHCP -> right-click the IPv4 -> DNS tab -> make sure that "Allways dynamically update DNS records" and "Discard A and PTR records..." options are checked.

4. Have you pointed the router to the new DHCP server? If not, add the IP helper-address on the main router.
@Hello There:

There was an additional step mentioned in the link for cases where the DNS and DHCP servers are not on the same server:
If the DHCP server is on a different machine than the Domain Controller, make sure to include the DHCP server in the DnsUpdateProxy group in Active Directory (see figure below). Otherwise, the DHCP server will not be able to update the records on DNS server.

I wasn't aware of this step.
Hi Hello There and CompProbSolv ,

I have followed DHCP setting and  I have found duplicate host entry with same IP address.
I have run Start-DnsServerScavenging ON DNS server and  I can see below events.


The DNS server has completed a scavenging cycle but no nodes were visited. Possible causes of this condition include:
  1) No zones are configured for scavenging by this server.
  2) A scavenging cycle was performed within the last 30 minutes.
  3) An error occurred during scavenging.
The next scavenging cycle is scheduled to run in 72 hours.

How can avoid duplicate host record and delete old dns entry

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Hello There

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