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Cisco Call Manager (UCCM)& Cisco Jabber VDI need clarification

llarava asked
Last Modified: 2020-10-08
Hello guys - anyone out there successfully running JVDI (jabber for VDI) using XenDesktop/iGel? If so,are you using MRA (vpn-less). We would like to use iGels in remote locations (no access to the company network) my understanding is that the JVDI client running from the thin client needs to use MRA as the conduit to register to call manager and get the audio and video stream back into the network directly, otherwise the JVDI optimization will not work. We do not have UCCM MRA (not a UCCM person but I was told by the Telecom team) if the above is correct, is there anyone using Cisco VPN in iGel to establish a VPN session to corporate network to allow the iGel  to connect to UCCM instead of having to use MRA? Just looking for some advice to help us understand the requirements, limitations based on some your production implementations. Thank you!
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