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How to use Roku & Youtube to replace Cable

Last Modified: 2020-11-07
A friend says they use Roku & YouTube for TV & it's great, gives them all they want including local channels. The cost he quoted was like $60 something a month for MORE devices than I have & I'm paying just under $300 monthly for Cable, WiFi & a landline. I can live without the land line, I have evolved to using my cell almost exclusively.

There are two questions regarding this. I am a big sports fan, I want all the national sports channels, ESPN all flavors plus NBA, MLB & NFL.com plus local sports Channel Fox Sports West. Can I get those?

What is involved in doing this? I gather that I would purchase a Roku device that would feed the TV from the internet. I presume the speeds are fast enough, so just like cable. Any pointers to get the info I need to make a decision greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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There is no single solution for all the sports channels, you would have to install apps specialized in each of the streams or the official apps from the sports provider (nfl, mlb, etc) plus their subscription fees,  there is also the gray(?) area of streaming, there are some free apps (and some paid) that stream a lot of networks included the sport , ones.
Jazz KaurTechnical Support Specialist


Something to consider — a few weeks ago it was announced that YouTube TV dropped Fox regional sports networks that Sinclair provides and Fox Sports West was dropped earlier this year. I think Hulu sadly just announced they also dropped all of them today too. Here are some articles on that below. I’m not aware of which service has it/offers Fox Sports West still — may be AT&T TV Now but their prices are much higher and they had removal from the Roku Channel app store in the past if I recall so not as reliable perhaps. 

You could get a Smart Roku TV/capable device and just do free trials of each of the TV apps ultimately and see what suits your needs best in terms of channels etc. 

I have heard that FuboTV is great for sports coverage overall. Might be worth trying it out still and comparing it against YouTube TV. In either case you’ll still be saving a lot compared to cable. I have tried Sling TV, but it was quite limited channel wise. I‘m using Hulu and Netflix on my Roku Smart TV at the moment. I’ve been looking at moving to Peacock TV though which I’ve also heard good things — may be worth a look into as well.

FuboTV: https://www.fubo.tv/lp/sports/

I also came across this which may help: