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Exchange On-Prem and Add-ins from URL

Last Modified: 2020-11-10
We have a solution that was purchased that requires an add-in be installed in Outlook. We don't use add-ins from the store and I am having a little bit of an issue finding some answers to a couple of questions. First we are a full on-prem Exchange environment and don't have any apps installed or managed on the server. I have the link to the xml file but I am not sure once I install it on the Exchange box what will be the default settings for the app. I cannot have it pop-up on all my clients only a set few. I found a PS script that can limit it to a group but with out a lab to test that in I am not sure it will work. If once I install it will it be disabled for all or enable by default for the Org until I run the script? 
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

The app goes on your endpoints? Then, it belongs there not on the Exchange server.

There should be a file or files. Put them into a share. Set up a script to install it on the required endpoints that have Outlook installed.