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i need to update three registry keys in using powershell

All the pcs have these keys in the registry but the value needs to be adjusted. Intune would be the easiest way since all pcs are in it

the three keys are under and it adds on to the three keys
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Michael Pfister
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Can be done like this:
$registrypath = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\SpecopsSoft\uReset\Client\Urls"
if(!(Test-Path $registrypath)) {
    New-Item -Path $registrypath -Force
New-ItemProperty -Path $registrypath -Name "Enroll" -Value "" -PropertyType String -Force
New-ItemProperty -Path $registrypath -Name "Reset" -Value "" -PropertyType String -Force
New-ItemProperty -Path $registrypath -Name "ResetExternal" -Value "" -PropertyType String -Force

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Or you can just push it out with group policy without a script.  I won't re-invent the wheel by typing it out here but process is really easy, 2 seconds on google will give you a walk through, here is good one from top few:

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I am pushing out through Intune because 80% do not logon to local AD. If GPO i already have it done. I will test it later today. thanks