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URGENT: Sync between Outlook and iPhone

For years I've been using iTunes and a USB cable to synchronize my Outlook Contacts and Calendar with iTunes.  Because of a message from iTunes that they will no longer be supporting local synchronization I followed the experts' advice and set up iCloud to keep my phone and Outlook synchronized.  Today I realized that somehow iCloud obliterated many of my often-used Contacts in Outlook.  It's almost as though it replaced the Contacts in my Outlook with an older data base.  There are no Contacts under "Contacts" in Outlook (where my Contacts used to be) and my Contacts (such as they are) are no shown under a folder entitled "Contacts from iCloud".  Is there any way to restore my previous Outlook Contacts?

URGENT:  I just noticed that my iPhone still has all of my Contacts (in addition to an up-to-date Calendar).  How do I get iCloud to make the Contacts on my iPhone the default status and restore them to my Outlook?  This is so frustrating.



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Jackie Man

8/22/2022 - Mon