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Dell N3048P Switch Link Failed

Does anyone know why a Dell switch (several models from N3048P to 4K) would show this in the log:

 TRAPMGR[trapTask]: traputil.c(721) XXXX %% Link on Tex/0/Xis failed

I tried disabling spanning-tree under the interface and also enabled these commands globally:

spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default
spanning-tree bpdu-protection

It seems there is still packets drops every now (loose ping of about 6-7 timeouts when it does happen) and then (at least once an hour) and Ioose connection. These are happening across several switches on the network.  

Not sure what the root cause this and why I'm still seeing these after enable the spanning-tree disable and bpud filter/bpud-protection command.

Thank you!


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8/22/2022 - Mon