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Looking for Encrypted Flash Drives

Due to NIST and CMMC, we are beginning to use Encrypted Flash Drives.  I have a user who downloads information from equipment, but the download requires that absolutely no files are present on the drive prior to the download.  He is going to test the Encrypted Drive the next time he needs to do the download, but in the meantime I wanted to reach out to the general public and find out if anyone is aware of any Encrypted Flash Drives that do not require preinstalled files for the Encryption.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Shirley Mastrorilli

8/22/2022 - Mon

All Encrypted Drives need software. That's because you can't manage password or fingerprints if you just have the drive in your hand.
The software also needs to be installed on the computer you're connecting the drive too. Otherwise it doesn't know how to handle the security protocols between the computer (who needs to read the contents) and the authentication (sending the password to unlock).
Hardware with fingerprint readers are of course easier to use in most cases. But because you always needs a software component in this equation, a software only solution would do almost the same (buy "normal" USB drives, use encryption software on top of it).
Philip Elder

You can use BitLocker:
It's built-in to Windows 10.
David Favor

The other simple approach (to encryption, as @kimputer mentioned requires software on stick or BitLocker as @Philip mentioned) is to use openssl to secure files requiring encryption, leaving other files unencrypted (if any exist).
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Craig Beck

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I would use Bitlocker. Let me link my article about SSO for Bitlocker which will show you a marvelous option that I have not seen offered by competitors: passwordless, SSO-like access on domain joined machines using only the user identity: https://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/25879/A-new-aspect-to-securing-USB-data-SID-protectors.html

Of course you need windows 8 or 10 - what's your OS?
Shirley Mastrorilli

We have Windows 10 Pro.  I will look at these options, and try them out.  I appreciate all the help.  I will update when I have tried this.