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Capture executed SQL

Is there a way to capture what was last executed on a stored procedure?

Other that this... I have a table I just insert what was passed in
But I don't want to do this on every proc
  SET @CaptureExecSQL = 'EXEC [dbo].[ewUpdatePaymentsbyPartialRefund_Capture] @InvoiceID = ''' + @InvoiceID + ''' , @AmountRefunded = ''' + CAST(@AmountRefunded AS NVARCHAR(300)) + ''' , @AmountRefundedActual = ''' + CAST(@AmountRefundedActual AS NVARCHAR(300)) + ''' , @UserID = ''' +  CAST(@UserID AS VARCHAR(50))  + ''''
  INSERT INTO dbo.ewSQLSearch
  (   'RefundCapture',       -- SQLProcedure - varchar(max)
      @CaptureExecSQL,       -- SQLCode - varchar(max)
      GETDATE() -- DateAdded - datetime

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Jim Horn
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<Knee-jerk reaction with total air code>  If that SP returns a set, you can create a temp table whose table definition EXACTLY matches that set, and then do an INSERT...

CREATE TABLE #tmp (goo int, foo int, boo int) 

INSERT INTO #tmp (goo, foo, boo) 
exec SPthatreturnscolumnsgoofooboo

-- Looky here

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