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Simple database with browser access.

20 years ago, I launched a bug list or trouble list using a database with a web server capability.  That way, we could host it on our internal network and folks could share in its use.
At the time, we had a peer-to-peer network.  Microsoft Access required a server that we didn't have.  So, I used FileMakerPro and, while a little clunky, served the purpose.

Today, I'm faced with the same kind of objective.  But, we have Windows Server 2019 servers.
I'm no particular fan of Microsoft Access but wonder this:
What database program might we use to present:
1) A simple form for folks to enter new records using their web browser?
2) Reasonable ways for non-technical folks to access the data without having to construct queries.

This is a small company and many of the records are to support process audits - important but not essential to operations.  So, we need to use a "light touch" re: development and other costs.

The immediate application I have in mind is a change management log.  So, there may be documents attached to a change record.

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I've been a FileMaker developer for over 30 years and I would suggest that you can use FileMaker's WebDirect functionality. WebDirect allows you to use your existing FM skill set to create layouts, buttons, navigation, and scripted functionality, and then publish it directly to the web without needing any HTML or SQL code. It does require FM Server which runs fine on WinServ 2019.
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I don't believe that using web-based services is going to work for this for a variety of reasons.  Not that I'd not like to - so it's a good suggestion!  In this case, I want to limit the web interface to an internal server or workstation.

It used to be that FileMaker Pro supported its own built-in html service that could be hosted on a network. Is that no longer the case?  What I have in mind is a tiny app / database.  The FM servers look expensive.

We also have Access AND Windows Servers but I'm not current on that either.
As one might expect, we have various instances of SQLServer installed here and there as well as Firebird.
I wonder if MySQL or Firebird might not be reasonable candidates.  
What I really liked about the FileMaker app that we did is that it presented an easy-to-design FORM for the users and the form was also the report.  Well, something like that.

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Will Loving:  Thank you!  That's good to know.  Unfortunate though.

Perhaps if I shift into a related line of questioning:
- I see a lot of situations where SQLServerExpress is installed along with various application software.  And, I see that it's available for download standalone.  Any possibilities here?
- Access is available on Office.  Any possibilities here?  Has a variety of templates.
- We are using Firebird in a 3rd party app.  I know nothing about it.