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Company NPS VPN network access from home internet


I do have one server in the company. 4 NICs. 1 for internal network, 2nd for Hyper V virtual switch are in use.

I want to configure NPS VPN on server 2019 so that staff can connect to office network (take a remote of the system) when they are working from home with radius authentication.

We do not have any firewall in the company at the moment. Internet is connected through Model router.

How can i achieve this?

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How many users?

NPS is not a VPN. It provides an authentication method for a VPN.
If sounds like maybe you want to allow Remote Desktop connections from home? If that is the case, you need to provision either a firewall with VPN capability, or Remote Desktop Gateway . Both can use NPS for authentication. Both can (and should) use multi-factor authentication to strengthen authentication.

Even with RD Gateway, you should probably deploy an actual firewall.

There are alternatives like Splashtop, LogmeIn, etc. which can allow your users to remote control another system without making any networking changes. 
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Thank you Kevinhsieh, i want user authentic through AD username and password when they want to connect to office network from home. I know how to do it thrthe firewall but we dont have firewall at the moment.

@some one, i have installed RRAS but i do have one server only on which everything is installed. i want user authentic through AD username and password when they want to connect to office network from home. Will it work? What would be the VPN server IP as it is resided inside company network with private IP address. What VPN server name client to configure on their Windows 10 system when they are home and want to connect office network?
Thank you Both.
With the help of steps guide suggest by some one, I am able to achieve the goal i want to. Working perfect fine.