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Why does my iPad Air 2, Gmail app not handle the interface between and Google Contacts as my MacBook Pro 2012 does?

My Gmail app on my MacBook Pro, OS 10.10.5 permits me to enter a folder name from my Google Contacts (with a “distribution list”) into my Gmail email “To” address box. However, on my iPod Air 2, the same process does not appear to work. Is it possible that I have not created a separate Google account on this device? Is it possible to arrange to import data from my MBP 2012 Google Contacts to my iPad (iPodOS 14.2)? Or is there a synchronization process to manage this requirement? Is there any other way to achieve my objective?
Appreciatively, Arbyem

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I don't think Google has implemented Google Contact groups in iOS versions of the Gmail app.

  • Not as robust as the app, but you could use Safari and web version of Gmail and Contacts.
  • If you're just transferring over, you could just use iCloud. I don't know if you could use iCloud with the Gmail app on the Macbook. Sometimes cross-platform use and synchronization can be tricky.
  • I'm not familiar with the 3rd party apps that try to bridge this gap, but you might look in the app store for Contact Sync for Google Gmail or other apps that might get the job one
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Thanks inbox788.
I will investigate further, noting your caution that iOS (my iPhone SE @ iOS 14.5) may not support Google Contacts with their Gmail app.
For my iPad Air 2, from which I am operating now, I remain unsure of whether Google Contacts is enabled with my Gmail app.
Further, I am currently investigating, via a post on RoboForm Everywhere, why I do not seem to be able to edit my PW ( that I was forced to change following an alleged hack of my PW).
I clearly need to be assured that can achieve synchronization of my RF Everywhere passwords among my MBP 2012, MBP 2017, iPhone SE, and iPad Air 2 devices, and preferably with my Windows 7 under BOOT CAMP on my MBP 2012.
Does anyone of the others Experts have any further clarification/advice or counsel?

Further to my last, I do use Safari on all of my MacBook Pro 2012 and 2017, my iPad Air2, and my new iPhone SE. However, because of my limited outdated OS 10.10.5 on my MBP 2012, I have to use either Firefox or Chrome.
I have not yet pursued any more investigations.
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Jackie Man
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Hi Jackie Man: Thank you for that highly educational and valuable clarification.
I will abide by your advice/counsel and “live with” the realities of dealing with my Google-based apps on my three different device types. I have never seen an explanation by Google-based sources of these harsh realities.
I accept this explanation as a valid resolution to my issue, and close this stream of posts.
Appreciatively, Arbeyem