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How do I open a single program under another basic user account for all users on one device without having them know another password.

I have a program working correctly on some user accounts but taking super long to open on others. The program is crucial to the operation and is causing major workflow issues. We have worked with the company (Grass valley), and they have said that it is normal for the boot to take longer on the first login. The users have logged in over 10 times, but the program is still taking a long time to initialize.
The issue is fairly random. multiple users have experienced the problem on some computers but not others. Some computers have shown this issue, but there is nothing different from that one to the other ones. Sometimes, the program suddenly works for the users experiencing the delay, but others have taken extremely long with no indication of fixing itself.
To work around this issue, I want to do something like the runas command one the program as another basic user that it opens up for quickly. Still, I don't want to give everyone who uses that station (10+ people) another password and account they can use. 
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