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Database analytics question SSPS

Apparantly my client has an SSPS database which I am unfamiliar with.  I'm used to SQL and Access.  The problem is that we can't get any meaningful stats from the database and the boss recommended that we use Power BI to access the SSPS database to read it better.  Can anyone provide any background on SSPS and what kind of database this is and what would be the best way to run stats or queries on such a database?

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my client has an SSPS database
Assuming that you perform work on behalf of your client I believe that your client should provide you the details about that "SSPS database" and how to connect to it. As far as its name I believe there is no "SSPS database" engine other than maybe the "Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) Literature Database " as noted here
If this was rather a typo and in fact it that database would be rather a "SSAS database" then indeed Power BI is the Microsoft tool that can be used to access the cubes from the SSAS database as described here:
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