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Fix Running HyperV which will not backup or create checkpoints - disk not found

A Windows 2016 HyperV VM had grown with multiple AVHDX files - took a copy of the whole VM folder and then reluctantly merged the files as have had issues before with VHDX files not being found subsequently.
The merges completed - VM still running fine - disk space reclaimed. Now when I try to backup using VEEAM complains cannot find the disk. Creating checkpoint also complains not found. Tried Win Server Backup complains EFI Specified disk cannot be found. So Im pretty sure if this VM has to reboot it wont boot !
Is there anything I can do to fix this in the running VM without resorting to the backups (VEEAM and Windows Fwhich will hopefully work but result in downtime / some live data loss)

Thank you !

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