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Novice at Virtualization - Trying to virtualize a Physical (dell) Windows 10 PC.

The windows 10 PC has some software that I am tying to protect.  The client currently has a Virtual Environment using a Windows 2016 Server and Hyper-V to host a Windows 2016 Server (DC).  I have successfully used VM Convertor and VMWare Player 16 Workstation.  I have a working VM Ware copy.
The problem is getting the PC to run side by side on the Host Hyper-V Server.
I have tried MVMC, Starwind, and HD2VHD to create multiple VHDX files.  These files are not seen by the Hyper-V or when they do show, the error is No Operating System.  I think this part is tied to SATA hard drives on the Windows 10 and the SCSI on the Server.  
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Sorry, forgot to add thanks for the help.

One other note.  the virtual PC is about 190 GB
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