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Errors with webDAV

I have just installed webDAV on one of our servers.  My hope is to be able to publish and share calendars in Outlook 2016.  The installation does not have Exchange.
  I have followed the guidelines from Install and configure WebDAV in Windows IIS - SeevaBlog 
 When I open basic settings, the settings are as displayed in the basic settings.png file.  When I go to test settings, i get the error displayed in webdav permissions
basic settings.PNG
 From a computer when I try share the calendar, I get the error on calendar as shown in error on calendar
 error on calendar.png
 the is the domain name for the network.  There are two servers on the network, and DFS is deployed between the servers, but the IIS is only installed on one server.  The workstations are using Windows 10 PRO 20H2
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Any thoughts on how to check that further or how to verify the path?