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software defineds storage

I would like to implement a software defineds storage solution
I have seen truenas and osnexus
I wanted to replace vmware's VSAN service
do you have any suggestions?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Starwind have vSAN style products, or you could look at Nutanix AOS, DataCore Software-Defined Storage, Red Hat Gluster Server.
What is the purpose of the storage? What are the reasons that you're looking to switch? (Performance, cost, reliability, technical use case, switching hypervisor, etc.)

The latest version of VMwsre VSAN is a very capable product with what I believe is to be very favorable licensing and maintenance costs, and huge amount of resources aimed at development. It would be impossible for me to suggest something "better" without knowing the criteria. 
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Vmware Vsan unfavorable arguments
1. license costs
2. independence from host
3. Vsan requires at least 4hosts
4. Hcl

I own 3 DL380P G8 hosts

I was thinking to create a replicable storage between two hosts
VSAN requires only 2 hosts for storage, and 1 more for witness.
If you already own it, maintenance is really inexpensive.
I don't know what you mean independence from host.
If you want something that doesn't have a HCL, then you are looking for something less reliable. HCL exist to prevent you from using combinations of hardware, software, drivers, and firmware that are KNOWN to cause problems or are untested.

All commercial products should have a HCL. Open source products tend to be science projects. Many reliable alternatives are MORE expensive.

What is this for? Home lab, business, NGO, education...?
i would use this configuration for business/acadamy

But A standard vSAN cluster needs at least 3 hosts. At least 4 hosts are recommended for maximum availability due to limitations around maintenance and protection after a failure with 3-host clusters.
Every solution will gain availability as you add nides. You can't have a 2 node architecture that will be as good as a 3 or 4 node architecture. If you want the operating characteristics of a 4 node cluster, then deploy a 4 node cluster...but then don't complain that it's too expensive.

Here's information about 2 node deployment.

i have always used 3 vmware hosts with HA on 2 DELL physical SANs
I wanted to change strategy for cost reasons and make it OS agnostic
what do you think about Truenas and OSnexus?
You cannot really compare TrueNAS and OS Nexus versus vSAN.

It's like comparing apples and pears.
OK, help me understand
I would like to avoid using VSAN
can I use Truenas or Osnexus, or some other Opensource product that I can afford for a 3 host environment to be able to manage Vmotion and HA with Vsphere 7.0?
Okay, if you just want to drop the use of vSAN.

You can use any shared storage for vMotion and HA.


or even purchase Synology or Qnap NAS.
Ok, I would like to use software that can be installed on a physical X86 server or virtual machine so that it can be replicated and transported to other more powerful hardware in the future.
I don't have qnao or synology available at the moment.
I only have 3 Hp Dl380p G8 Servers with 8 LFF 3TB SAS HDDs
I wanted to have a simple system
If you want a simple system, you want VMware VSAN. Everything else will be more complicated. 
And not forgetting moving the storage away from the host CPU increases latency and performance will degrade with network storage
OK, let's say that I have had positive experiences using DELL PS41xx and PS61xx SANs, but unfortunately the cost of changing/upgrading them is beyond my budget.
on the contrary using Vsan of Vmware 6.x with 2hosts and Witness, the experience is negative
that's why I was evaluating a software storage independent from the operating system (Nexenta, Truenas, OsNexus, or other)
I wanted to know your experience and suggestions about your knowledge
Avatar of Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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