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FPDF - Dynamically Set XY Value

Hello Experts,
I am fairly new to programming. I would consider myself a hobbyist...

I have an HTML form, which, upon submission, creates a PDF (using FPDF). The majority of the PDF contains static text. However, there are two portions of the PDF which contain the text from the user's input. I would like the position of the static text to change dynamically, based off how big or small each user input section is. I am trying to prevent the dynamic text from overlapping the static text. So, I want to learn how to set the XY values of the static text, based off the end XY values of the dynamic text, if that makes sense. 


Static text...Static Text

Dynamic Text from User Input

More Static Text...More Static Text

Dynamic Text from User Input

Yet Even More Static Text...Yet Even More Static Text


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