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Windows Firewall Issue

I have a small client with 3 laptops and using a SSL VPN to connect to Office.  Have a Windows 10 Pro file server with a shared directory for documents on a separate RAID volume.  Cannot ping server or connect to the share when connected to VPN.  I can Ping the Firewall, what am I missing?
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My guess is you're missing defined client routes in your SSLVPN and User Profile Settings
Perhaps the Rules in place allow PING to the Firewall only and deny any further connections.
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If I turn Windows Firewall off I can ping and connect to data folder, I am missing a rule or something
I suppose you turned off the Windows Server's Firewall. Turn on Windows Server's Firewall Logging and see which rules are missing.
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I got the solution, needed to add a certain IP in the scope

Thank yo all for the support