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Offline backup solutions - Tape - Cloud-???

We use Veeam to backup our virtual servers and this is done onsite. For backing user data we use Backupassist software  and this is also done onsite.

I am looking now for offline backup  solutions and please suggest me a suitable backup solution.
Any suggestions much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Software* backupassist* cloud backup* Backup Exec* tape library

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Bill Bach

8/22/2022 - Mon
Mr Tortu(r)e


Well, i would advise to use replication or copy between 2 sites, or backup to cloud.
Use tapes only if you really had to.

Your existing Veeam solution can do a lot of things : backup to tape, or Cloud, backup copy.
Also Rubrik is a real good backup solution and is fully Cloud aware. And I think it supports tapes too, but check their hcl.

I would advise to use Veeam here as you already own it.
But check your needs and your actual licences, you might need to add ones.

And it depends what your main goals here (offsite only, backup immutability for ransomwares), your environment (sites, existing IT infrastructure), and your budget of course.

It is for backup immutability for ransomware and the total size of data for having 14 days of backup is 20TB
Will 20TB of data fit into a tape solution.
Will I need to change the tapes every day or weekly ?
Mr Tortu(r)e

Rubrik is really great for that
Veeam also has a new feature in its v11 if i remember correctly, with immutability based on Linux repository servers (instead of Windows since Veeam was born...)
Yes it could fit in tapes, but speed and most of all restore speed will be a pain. But for Cloud too!
Changing tapes does not depend only on total size, but more on dayly change rate, and your backup policy, and your needs...
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Walt Forbes
Bill Bach

How do you count the 20TB of data -- all deltas only?  What is the actual data size?

I ask this because many people forget the more obvious solution -- backup to disk.  External USB-based HDD's with a USB3 controller are a very fast solution, and the size may be big enough for your needs.  Using a data synchronization tool like Beyond Compare, RoboCopy, or the like, and replicate the entire data set to the external drive.  If you have too much data for one drive, consider two drives, running from two different workstations.  Then, multiply the disk drive purchase by 10 -- and you have two weeks of Mon-Fri backups in a fully-rotating solution.  Keep the most recent backup in a fireproof safe and rotate at least one set off site periodically (say weekly), and you have a fast and solid backup -- far better and faster than any tape solution.

Hi Bill

To make the Backup faster I can afford to buy 8TB Samsung SSD and will that SSD be ok for this purpose or External USB-based HDD's with a USB3 will be better?

Bill Bach

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