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server 2012 won't update

Repeated attempts to install the latest updates for Windows Server 2012 Standard x64 have failed. System simply never completes the process, no error messages at all. Have tried installing from the Microsoft Update Catalog as well with the same result. Have also tried this elevated command prompt process:
Open up Command prompt as Admin
net stop wuauserv
net stop bits

Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution

Delete all the contents

Return to "Command Prompt"

net start wuauserv
net start bits

After performing this process Windows Update seems to stall downloading at 5% and never progress any further. It is trying to download KB5001401.
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Best place to start would be the update logs to see what if any errors are occuring.

Go to run box. (windows key and R)
type windowsupdate.log
look through the log and find the errors. 

When I've had problems with Windows updates on older systems, Windows 7 in particular but Server 2012 is related to Windows 8 which may have the same issues, I've used the Offline WSUS approach: .

I'd give that a try.
(I added the following after posting)

I frequently recommend identifying the source of a problem before trying a solution.  I failed to do that here.  The recommendation above to check the log file is a very good one and should be done before attempting my solution.  I wouldn't expect any problem with the Offline WSUS approach, but if the log file gives you a clear indication of the problem, it may be much simpler to fix it that way.

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It appears that the wuauserv is hung in a "Stopping" mode and I can't get it to change even with an elevated command line script. This server is in a medical facility application and reboot options are very limited.
You could try to just kill the pid.
 Open task manager and find the service (as long as your showing the PID column you should see the PID listed)
then use the following command to kill the process taskkill /f /pid PID 
after you kill the process then you should be able to start it back up. 

If I run the taskkill described won't it kill all PID 944 services as shown in the image below? If that happens will I have to reboot the server to get them back?
User generated image
yes, it would kill all with that pid. the only other way I know of would be to restart the server. 
Finally had an opportunity to reboot the domain controller server. The windows update service cleared but now was in Manual status and not running. I was able to start it manually but shouldn't it be in automatic status?
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